Welcome Puma Speed Cat Lovers!

With so many shoe brands out there, it is sometimes hard to find quality, good designed footwear. I have to tell you, Puma (as you may have noticed) is my favorite brand! I just love their Speed Cat line, and have been using them since I can afford buying my own clothes ;)

I hope you find this site enjoyable; I will try to put every model of Puma Speed Cat available for men and women and give my honest review on various aspects. Feel free to visit the site categories or use the search function to find what you are looking for.


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PUMA Saloh Women’s Shoe

by admin in Puma Women Shoes

The Modern Running ShoeThis shoe is definitely for the women on the go but who’s on the go in style!

An Update to the ever popular H Street featuring a comfortable, breathable street silhouette with the look of an original PUMA track spike.

I think its the modern running shoe, so comfortable that you don’t even feel tired at the end of the day, my favorite color is the blue. Get the PUMA Saloh Women’s Shoe online for $65 and the PUMA Saloh Women’s Shoe. Aside from blue it also comes in pink, green and black.

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PUMA Suede Rainbow

by admin in Other Puma Shoes

puma-suede-rainbow.jpgHere’s an historic shoe: The PUMA Suede Rainbow. Of all PUMA shoes this must be the better known of them all and PUMA knows it:

Definitely the most well-known and popular of all PUMA’s shoes, this design classic rightly deserves its place in public affection and in every Hall of Fame. First released in 1968, this shoe has been involved in historical matters on a global scale.

The PUMA Suede Rainbow may be old (from the 60s!) but to me it still rocks! Now it comes in three colors that give you lots of style.

Now, I’m a little curious to see on what historical vents has it been present. It would be cool to add pictures of it. If you have any we can start building this historic file!

The PUMA Suede Rainbow is $65.00 and it’s available on the PUMA Store

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Puma Sabadella PL

by admin in Puma Women Shoes

Ballerina shoes have become a fashion hit among women footwear. And of course Puma has invented a ballerina style of its own which has become a best seller.


The Puma Sabadella PL is a leather version of the ballerina flat. This puma shoe looks ultra feminine yet with a motor sport edge with its race track inspired out sole and Velcro closure.

“… a must have for every female Motorsport enthusiast and fashionista.” - Puma

The Puma Sabadella PL is only $65 at the Puma Store.

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