futurecat.jpgThe Future Cat Series are also a great series in the World of Puma shoes. They are mores stylized, modern and well great looking. These PUMA Future Cat Low shoes are a variation of the original Future Cat released previously. Why low? Because of the low cut of course, they have the dynamism and that healthy aggressiveness we see on all classic PUMA design.

According to PUMA, the PUMA Future Cat Low does not only looks great, but also its very functional on its design – although no further explanation is given, I can see that beyond the comfort factor, there are other details, like the sole material, and the interior of the show that really makes the Future Cat Low stand out.

This is a very comfortable shoe, one of the most comfortable shoes PUMA has to offer, and that my friends, is saying a lot. But, if you have wide feet on the front, this shoe may feel something weird, because it is slimmer on the front. If not, don’t worry and just enjoy it!

The PUMA Future Cat Low is $90.00 and it’s available on the PUMA Store