Puma Speed Cat Big DiamondI just bought these pair of shoes for my sister and she absolutely loves them. The Puma Speed Cat Big Diamond is a pretty-looking fashionable shoe. Well… its Puma right?

The color you see on the picture is the only color available, as you see is a very girly shoe and the Puma logo is represented like it’s formed out of diamonds. It looks pretty nice under the city lights at night. This Speed Cat is made of soft pig suede and features oil resistant and non-slippery rubber outsole.

As an extra for this post, I received an advice from the vendor to clean this type of material: mix water with shampoo and use the bubbles/foam to clean with a toothbrush. Pretty simple right? I used to ruin my pig suede shoes by washing them with soap or clothes soap.

The Puma Speed Cat Big Diamond is $85.00 and it’s available at the PUMA Store.