Puma Speed Cat SDWhat better to start this site with this amazing classic model. Actually there’s not much to say, besides it will make you look slick. The Puma Speed Cat SD is ideal for people who love race sports.

The Puma Speed Cat SD is made of soft pig suede and has an outsole featuring an oil resistant non slippery rubber. This is not common to all types of sneakers. As other top brands Puma is always pushing the limit on shoe technology. Some may look at this model and think it’s too simple. But I say: That’s where the beauty is! It is a simple, yet clear life statement for Puma fans everywhere.

Beside the model that you see on the picture, there are other colors that will definitely help you match it with your clothes including blue, brown, white and beige.

The Puma Speed Cat SD is $75.00 and it’s available at the Puma Store.